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Gingerbread Smoothie

Ever try to build a Gingerbread House for the holidays? If you haven’t it can be quite the frustrating, sometimes lengthy, and usually messy experience. So we’ve come up with a better solution to get your fix of ginger this year: A Gingerbread SuperSmoothie. Ginger has been used for centuries […]


Christmas Colors Smoothie

Adding a bit of a festive spin to your morning smoothie can not only brighten up the day a bit — especially the cold, grey December mornings we are seeing in New England — but they can give a  healthy boost with the addition of cranberries and/or pomegranate seeds. Why […]

belly full

Happy Belly Smoothie Bowl

Let us introduce you to the “smoothie bowl.” As opposed to a morning smoothie that you can drink in a few seconds — but not too fast if you want to avoid the dreaded “ice cream headache” — a smoothie bowl is a bit thicker, and more of a traditional […]


Give the Gift of SmoothieBox This Year

Stumped on what to give a few of those special people in your life that seem to have everything and want nothing? What about the person who is always on the go and could use a little bit more ease in their day? Or the friend who you know wants […]

Guest Post

Pili Hunters High Fat Cacao Smoothie

This is a repost of a recipe our friends at Pili Hunters recently published on their website. We are happy to repost this recipe from Marcus Farris here on The Blender, but the opinions expressed are those of Pili Hunters. This blend fires on all cylinders to deliver a ton […]