Due to our busy lives, the most important decision we make each day is given little thought: the food we eat.

America’s eating habits are broken.


  • 90% of Americans do not eat enough vegetables.1
  • 1 in 4 Americans eat some type of fast food every day.2
  • Americans eat 31% more processed food than fresh.3 
  • Obesity rates continue to rise; 40% of Americans are now considered obese.4

These are societal health problems. As a whole, we have tried to solve these issues through ineffective weight loss programs, exercise as a cure-all, and dieting.

At SmoothieBox, we believe a simpler, more sustainable approach is possible. What if we just ate real food again?

Real Foods and Real Habits

Bad eating habits form easily and are hard to kick. Two big reasons why people form bad eating habits include access to getting real foods and the lack of time to prepare healthy, well-rounded meals.

SmoothieBox delivers a month’s worth of pre-portioned Super Smoothies made from organic fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grass-fed collagen directly to our members’ doors. These perfect on-the-go meals are ready in 60 seconds, so you’ll never have to fret about making a nutritious breakfast — lunch or snack — again.

With no added sugars, SmoothieBox is the best way to ditch fast-food, on-the-run breakfasts and empowers people to form better habits that can change your health and life.



Based in Boston, Mass., and founded in 2018, SmoothieBox is a sister company to ButcherBox. Together, both companies are on a mission to create real change to the broken food industry, support small family farmers, and to make access to better eating easier.