What a difference a week can make: The results of our first SmoothieBox Challenge

At the beginning of November, we hosted our first ever SmoothieBox Challenge during which we asked members to have a SuperSmoothie each day and to share their experiences. Why? Because a vital part of our mission is to help our members build healthy habits — consistency is the key to developing routines that last.

We’ve got the results from our inaugural challenge, and they are pretty compelling.

Prior to the challenge, only 24 percent of challenge participants were having a smoothie once a day. During the challenge, 73 percent of challenge participants had a smoothie at least one time each day for the entire work week.

It’s quite amazing how accountability and commitment impacted the daily routines of our members!

But what is more exciting is the results our challenge participants experienced because they had a smoothie every day: For instance, 46 percent of challenge participants reported feeling healthier during the challenge: Having more energy and more focus. Also, many of the members who completed the challenge reported that their morning routines were simplified and they felt more at ease knowing they’d only have to take a minute or two to blend their daily smoothie.

One of our favorite reports came from a SmoothieBox member named Susan:

What we are the most excited about is that over 45 percent of challenge participants said that they were going to start or continue other healthy habits because of the week experience following a smoothie routine. When we founded SmoothieBox, this was one of our goals: Make a daily smoothie habit the first step on a journey to improved health and well-being.

We’re excited to announce that we will be starting another 5-Day Smoothie Challenge again soon, so stay tuned.

But in the meantime, consider starting your own 5-day Smoothie Challenge today on your own or with friends. Or, for that matter try to accomplish a week of building a better habit in any part of your life, from just this small challenge, we’ve already seen the power that building habits can have on improving lives.

Whatever you set out to achieve for a week, please share your experiences with us on Instagram.